Where’s Your Energy?

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Late last year I realized something and (gasp) stopped shielding myself before working with clients. I remember waking up one morning having a deep knowing, a realization that the energy I put out in the world is bigger than anything someone can try to “do to me.” So rather than shield myself against someone or something, I began focusing on how I was “being” (energetically) in the world. And with this focus, it seemed the energy in my client sessions naturally found its own path away from us (me and the client).

Many months later, thanks to the wise old soul I know as my husband, I realized the way I hold energy around me could be quite powerful. This awareness came as we began moving into our new home. My husband noticed my energy imprint in the space and proceeded to clear the space after me so he could feel a part of the home. He brought this to my attention and I wondered if the “intenseness” had to do with my desire to hold space for achieving projects.

Now people who know me say that when I get clear about something and decide to do it, nothing can stop me. When I was younger, I remember people telling me I was like a steamroller and they best get out of the way when I was doing something. Now, no longer the steamroller, was it possible I still had my energy so strongly tied to a  project that others could feel it?

Assuming this was the case, I decided to try something. In addition to my letting go process (which I’ll blog about at another time), I created a process where I called my energy back from places, projects and people. I was surprised to find that in calling back my energy, I began feeling more full and energized in my body. This is how I did it (try it!): I imagined that I was standing in the middle of an area with each item around me. I imagined gazing at each item and one by one, I called back my energy from it. And in doing so, I felt lighter and more centered in my body.

The first day I performed this process my husband noticed right away (I didn’t even tell him) and said, “Thank you.” when he got home. He could tell the difference in the house. He also said I looked and felt more relaxed and at peace.

So if you are feeling depleted or if others are trying to get a break from you, ask yourself, “Where’s My Energy?” You might find you have spread yourself too thin in the world and you might want some of that energy for yourself.

Where's my energy?

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