Three Things You Didn’t Know about Hunger

I started a cleanse 11 days ago. I have to say I was not ready for the drastic restrictions in food intake. This particular cleanse is a vegetarian based cleanse so every day I’ve been focused on eating veggies, a little bit of fruit and lots of supplements. The first day the system was so new that I didn’t know what to think about it and my body felt okay. Food for ThoughtThe second day was hard. I began to feel tired. I added more vegetables and got by. It’s like my system realized the calorie intake had changed. I spent most of day three resting because I just didn’t have enough energy to do anything. As a bonus to day 3 and 4, nature added a lot of rain and severe storms so I wouldn’t focus on what I wasn’t eating. And it worked. 🙂 Thanks, Nature!

As my irritability started tapering off, somewhere around day 5, something amazing happened. I felt hungry. Real hungry. As I wrestled with my body’s message to “get some food in me and NOW!” I realized I hadn’t felt this hungry in years.

It was so new. I got giddy. I wasn’t mouth hungry and I wasn’t thinking about being hungry. My stomach was hungry and I could feel it – in my body. Whoa.

So I simply observed the hunger and, as I dived deep into the feeling, I noticed:

  • hunger helps us tune into our physical body like nothing else
  • the mind gets quiet as one focuses on hunger in the body
  • hunger creates a strong desire within us

And when I noticed I hadn’t been hungry like that in a long while, I realized what a perfect metaphor it was for my life. I simply hadn’t been hungry (gratefully) in a long while. Now I have created and achieved goals, but I haven’t been HUNGRY for something with this type of desire (in my body) for a long, long time and it was time to be hungry again. So I’ve been using this physical reference in my body to fuel my desire for what’s next in my life. I haven’t an answer yet, but just by focusing on this hunger, synchronicity has brought new information into my life. I have more meditation to do on this subject but for now I will leave you with this question:

“What are you hungry for?”

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