A Message through Ceremony

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As I was sitting in ceremony today I received a message I believe is relevant to all of us as we move through 2015. I believe it is relevant because for most people I’ve talked to, they are feeling a bit frustrated as time seems to be moving quickly while movement in business or personal goals seems to be either “on” or “off”.

As many of you know I teach a lot about ritual and ceremony. My daily ritual is to give thanks for all I have in the physical world, my teachers and the ancestors and then tune in. Nothing out of the ordinary today until I began to receive the message. What I noticed was something felt different while I was writing. But let me back up for a moment because I’d like to share a bit about my “method”. I’ve gone back to writing messages I receive via notebook and pen. It seems, for now, to be an easier method for me to capture the information as it comes in. I used this technique when I started channeling more intently in 2012 and its always been a good way for me to connect and capture.

So there I am listening and holding my pen to paper. And about 30 seconds into writing I saw in my mind’s eye a parallel activity occurring. I could see myself typing the message into this blog. It was titled “Weekly Message”. And then, as I was still writing, a feeling began to take hold. I could hardly stand the feeling I received in my heart center as I continued writing the message. And so today this is the gift I bring to you. A weekly message from my guides and teachers about time. (I guess I will be doing weekly messages from now on, eh?)

En-JOY! 🙂

The energy is dense and so it feels as if not moving at times but not true; just a sense of the colliding “fronts” (the old energy and the new energy). The weather has also contributed to this feeling.

All is well; focusing on tasks at hand good. We’ve told you before all part of your life plan and so much about moving forward.

One step.
One step.
One step at a time.

When you become able to go quickly from one (meditative) state to another you begin to feel “restricted” by physical timing.

All goes back to energy as far as how time is “managed”. Time and energy seem to you as two very distinct items but really intertwined. Must go beyond “time” frame 🙂 just as you would go from one state to another. You don’t worry about how long or how far you have gone to get connected to us so it happens quicker and quicker as you do it more and more. You manage to (connect in) as if you “pop out” of this reality into another. And time is there yet you have less (of a) linear concept of it. So instead think in terms of energy. How energy feels gives you a sense of “time” or in some cases, no time.

So when you feel like progress is slow, focus on the energy around you as well and instead of assigning such hard time limits to your creating activities and new business situations, “tune in”. This is how you get a sense of divine timing. And remember, manifestation occurs where energy and “time” intertwine. So keep doing the actions and know that you are more aware of the energy than you know.

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