Three Tips for Setting Intention Quickly



Let’s talk about intention. I’ve been asked to be more intentional about what I am asking for. How about you? I’ve always been good about achieving goals. But something started shifting for me last year. Setting goals became more of an intention setting process rather than an outcome. So with that being said, this week’s message is about intention. It is short and sweet.


“Any act with intention is powerful. So it doesn’t matter what type of act it is; really about the intent. Intent is not desire, we’ve been getting those two confused. Intent moves us more towards actively being a good steward of something (that is) coming into physical form.”

“Intent gives us clarity, responsibility and a grounded pre-experience with what we desire to create. If we are in tune with this, we realize it is already there with us and we are then in a relationship with it.”

How to Set Intention:

  • Stop right before you do something
  • Take a moment and intend what you’d like to have happen next
  • Notice transitions from one activity to the next.

Here’s an example. Imagine you are moving from one place to the next, like going from the car into a place. When you get in your car you can say, “I am in the car and intend to get to _____ safely and easily.”

Parking is a good place to pause, too. When you get off the road and into the parking lot you can say, “I intend to find parking at the front of the store.”

Easy, right? What would you like to intend for the day?




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