Updating Your Space with Intention

Today I went to a client’s house to do a cleansing and intention ceremony. We’ve been working together for about 2 and 1/2 months now, which is a typical timeframe for someone who has a lot of clearing to do.  When I met this particular client, I knew she was going to do well because she was determined to get to a better level of health and productivity after years of being focused on others. So as her physical and emotional bodies have healed, she’s been feeling more connected, heart-centered and energetic. And as this becomes her new way of being in the world, her world is shifting around her.

While I know how important our living and work environment is to our overall health, I’ve not offered my sessions to clients’ physical objects before. But during our session, I was guided to offer my ceremony services as  I noticed this new shift in her way of being. And the more I worked with her during our session the more it became clear that her physical environment needed to match the energy she was now radiating out. If it didn’t, she could feel a push/pull between the new and the old that could cause an energy leak in her life, especially in her business.

Now when clients get to this phase of their program a couple things start happening. Existing relationships with people (and objects for that matter) seem to get better or worse. And they know clearly what needs to be done in order to support their goals. It seems like magic and it is but it is a magic you can count on when you know how to create from your sacred self. This is what I call sacred self mastery.

So by the end of our session we had scheduled time for me to go to her home and cleanse and clear her space. This brings us to today. I arrived at her home in the morning and found her home to be in good shape. She does regular clearing of the space and you could tell. As I walked through the home I noticed a few stuck points in energy and a lot of heavier energy in the main hallway and office. Yep, it was time to give thanks to the space and update it with her new intentions for work and self-nourishment.

We started our ceremony at the front door, declared our intent and started the ceremony. The client was an active part of this process because it was her new energy imprint we were offering to the house. The house was there to support her efforts and in each room the client’s intentions were spoken aloud. And as the intentions were received the space offered its acknowledgment. I encouraged my client (who is very intuitive) to listen to each area. And she seemed tickled to hear messages from them. There were only a few spaces where I needed to use my energetic clearing methods – usually done in areas where pathways have been ‘worn’ a lot and so the energetic fields ‘remember’ what has taken place. I believe this is what we know as ‘haunting’. After clearing and intending, the house ceremony came to a close- we both knew and felt it. I went within and asked for guidance, “How will we close this ceremony?” I stepped outside the house and as my client and I gave thanks to the house, the church bells started ringing…LOVE it! And that is how the ceremony ended. We laughed and said, “Yep, we are done.” And my client squealed with delight and said, “And I love that this work has been validated! (by the church)” Yep, her world is “a shifting”.




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