Stress Management

One-Hour Stress Management Presentation

We’ll cover: the definition of stress, psychological and physiological responses, assess the group’s personal stressors, categories of stressors plus one group activity followed by a Jacobson’s Relaxation Technique.

Three-Hour Stress Management Workshop

Includes everything from the one hour presentation plus a stress questionnaire and we’ll cover the symptoms of burnout, irrational thinking, thought stopping, keys to achievable outcomes, Ellis’ ABC Model, a nine-step planning guide plus group exercises and relaxation techniques.

One Day Stress Management Workshop

Includes everything in the 3 hour workshop plus personality types, Eustress, human motivation strategies, exploring negative filters, reframing, communication facilitation, group exercises and explorations and relaxation techniques.

Two Day Stress Management Workshop

Includes everything in the 1 day workshop plus instruction on how to generate resourceful states, identify and shift harmful beliefs, creating instantaneous physical relaxation, generating compelling futures, shifting habits, group interactions and explorations and relaxation techniques.

Agile Change Management Workshop

Ever feel like you are butting heads with your team members? This popularly adapted stress management workshop is especially adapted to the situations technical teams face when implementing Agile, SCRUM, Lean and Kanban frameworks. Explicitly helps teams understand the flow of information and identify collaboration issues. Especially effective for team leads that feel stuck. We’ll discuss team dynamics, personal change strategies and the most useful communication frames for shifting teams.


Individual Coaching Packages

Coaching packages start at just $359 for three 60 minute sessions. I have found that a minimum of three sessions is the most optimal for achieving significant change in client’s lives. Sessions can be used over the course of three weeks or one year. Sometimes change integration work, (aka homework), is best used for a few weeks in order for new information to surface.