Relationship Maps

In order to create success in our life, in this new time, we must look at our lives from a higher vantage point. Getting stuck in repetitive thoughts or negative emotions only keep us stuck in bad energy. Focusing on details that don’t matter keep us stuck in old ways and prevent us from expressing our energy well. When we don’t or can’t use our energy well, we don’t feel well.

Imagine you are the center of your universe and you’ve expressed your energy without even thinking about it. You didn’t have to think to create but you also know the things around you are not you. They don’t feel good. You don’t feel good.

The first step to identifying your energy blocks is to take a step back and see life from an energetic point of view. When you can feel into the energy of the relationships you’ve created, you can easily identify what stays and what goes because your body will tell you.

Below are some presuppositions to help you feel into your energy.

  • We are in relationship with everything in our life, including information.
  • Our physical bodies are bridges between our energetics and form. This is how we feel through our world.
  • The more we tend to and care for our physical body, the more energy it can put forth.
  • The health of our relationships reflects the energy blocks we still have in our body (ies).
  •  It is important to adjust the energy within our relationships so they do not become stale or unhealthy.
  • Stale and unhealthy energy robs us of physical health and mental well being.

Energetic Relationship Mapping helps us get out of our head and into our energy by:

  • Putting you the driver’s seat
  • Showing you how well your energy is flowing from you
  • Releasing old, stale and unhealthy energy from your field

Mapping out your relationships, gives you:

  • Clarity as to why you have been stuck
  • Tools to revitalize or release relationships
  • An increase in peace of mind

This process came to me in a meditation. I am an energetic being so it was a gift that saved my life. The more I used it in my life, the more changes seemed to spontaneously happen in my life. The changes were more “me”. I felt me in my relationships, in my work and my physical body got healthier and healthier.

And, I couldn’t believe how easily and quickly unwanted relationships seemed to disappear from my field, without having to have conversations!

I added it to post psychic surgery work with  clients, for both business and personal issues, in 2016 and found they had similar results. They found it easier to let go of unwanted, toxic relationships and better opportunities showed up. They reported getting more of what they wanted, feeling more like themselves, and their physical bodies were healed or felt so much better.

So if you are ready to take some big leaps in your life, get back in your body and use that intuition of yours, I am confident this process can take you to the next level. If you want more wealth, more satisfaction, better opportunities, this process will help you express your energy in really cool ways.

If you are already playing energetically in your life, this process will help you take your skills to the next level of creation and manifestation.

Book a 2 hour Relationship Mapping Session with me to get started today.

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