Practical Shamanism

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I started my spiritual journey kicking and screaming. I was terrified of becoming “one of those people”. You know, the people who wore long dresses and scarves and chanted in drum circles. I laugh now when I think about how judge-y I was. In my defense, though, I had grown up receiving strong messages about being smart, independent and practical. “Don’t ever need a man, Mija!”, my Grandma Aurora said. With this kind of programming in place, I was determined to be seen as “one of the boys”, and valued for my intelligent mind. This desire remained active well into my adulthood despite the fact I was a shy, sensitive and highly intuitive female. Sheez…

Chichen Itza JUMany decades later, as I was reaching higher and higher into the spiritual realms, a more feminine endeavor for me, I wanted very much to remain practical and productive. I was concerned my spiritual exploration would take me off the path of normal life so if I was going to explore the more sensitive side of me, it had to make sense. After all, at that time I had three kids, a retail business and an engineering job. I didn’t need anything taking me off the path of making money. I wanted so desperately to grow, though. I knew I had to dive into the unknown but not at the expense of my world. So I promised myself I would keep a close eye on my world.

To keep myself in check, I made a strong filter that would help me “test” what I was exploring before I implemented it. The idea was if I could monitor the effects of my spiritual seeking on daily life, I would be able to know quickly if I was drifting.  I made a commitment to myself that if I couldn’t “ground” (i.e. practically use) what I was learning spiritually into everyday life, it was not for me and I would discard it.
I have to say, though, putting every new process and belief I learned into a test platform called “everyday life” was exhausting and, quite frankly, took a lot of time and effort. But back then I had enough money and enough time (or so it seemed) and didn’t need anything drastic to change (yet) in my life. It made sense to take my time, to go slow and intentionally test my spiritual life both personally and professionally.

This testing took about 4 years. Yep, 4 years. Here I am, though, many years later, no longer an engineer and living a completely different, (dare I say magical), life. And as a result of my efforts, I now have the privilege of actively assisting my clients with their spiritual growth. I consider myself a practical shaman, one who has walked the path and is now walking people to the edge of their reality within their already busy, “normal” lives. But for them, thank goodness, the journey is a lot shorter. Where I spent four years integrating my spiritual self, my clients can integrate and feel “grounded” in just months.

It seems with words like “psychic”, “ritual”, “death”, and “spiritual”, my work would do the opposite, right? Na, I can assure you that the engineer in me is still alive and well and knows that if you wanted to play in other dimensions you wouldn’t be playing in this physical world. So while we may test the edges, your feet will always be able to touch the ground because it is my job to teach people how to live their spiritual life fully and practically.

So if you don’t feel grounded in your spiritual work, here are some tools to help you:

    • Intention Circles
    • Sacred Psychic Surgery
    • Living the Good Life Training
    • Death’s Lessons

For more information, feel free to contact me. I have free consultations available and I look forward to connecting with you.

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