How Unbalanced Energy Steals Your Potential


imagesSo a couple of weeks ago I shared some info about being “top-heavy” and a bit about what life is like when we are living in our head instead of our heart. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, right? 🙂 Before I talk about the lower chakras and why we want to get back into them, let’s recap.

When we are “top-heavy”, we find ourselves in the busy electrical energy of the mind. It sparks and pulses with rapid movement. I love the mind energy, it is fast and it feels “zingy”. WEEE! So what’s the problem?

The problem is too much of any good thing can create imbalance in our system. When our minds are hyper-excited and in repetitive thought loops, especially about important decisions, we find ourselves in confusion and overwhelm. For many of my clients with anxiety, moving them down into their body not only gives them a wealth of knowledge about the situation but also moves them back into the magnetic area of the body, where the energy is slower. 

I usually tell my first time sacred psychic surgery clients to take time after our session to rest and do some self care. This is because we are moving into their body (the whole body) in a new way and like trying any new activity, the body and mind fatigue.

I call this “change integration” time. This downtime serves as a way to absorb the new information and help the body balance its energy. And in this case, because I’ve removed layers of old energy and “activated” the energy in the lower chakras, the body needs time to get used to the new normal.

Getting into Magnetic Energy

Okay, now onto playing with the lower three (chakras) in life. I think the root chakra has a bad reputation for being all about “survival” but I see it differently. People need to feel grounded to this physical world, especially my “higher-mind-connected-to-the-cosmic-mind” clients who want to thrive, not just exist, in the physical world. So when we are balanced in all chakras, we can use the magnetic, slower energy in addition to the faster, electric energy. This helps us make decisions and feel at peace with our decisions. Yay!

And for those of you who like the masculine/feminine energy thought process, you can think of the lower chakras as feminine energy. It is magnetic. It draws things in. It is flow-y and lovely. And when you can feel into what it is you want, you get more information about what it would actually be like to have it. This informs your speedy analytical mind in ways it can’t even understand. And it is important information to have, especially if you are wanting to make significant changes in your life, like changes in career, relationships and health.

So playing in the lower three gives us more bang for our “ask” and informs that beautiful part of us called intuition so it can attract synchronicity to us. Yay! We end up spending less electrical energy to have what we want. I believe this is what “magic” is; creating more with less.

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