The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Energy Back

Late last year I realized something and (gasp) stopped shielding myself before working with clients. I remember waking up one morning with a clear understanding. I had a realization about energy. I understood the energy I put out into the world is way bigger than anything someone can try to “do to me.”

Rather than focusing on shielding, I focused on my own energy and how I was generating it. With this focus, I felt the energy in my client sessions differently. My generating of energy created a path away from me and the client. We were protected.

Everyone Generates Energy

Thanks to the wise old soul I know as my husband, I realize the way I hold energy around me could be quite powerful. I noticed this when we moved into our new home. My husband noticed my energy imprint everywhere. He would clear the space after me so he could feel at home. If he didn’t, he only felt me and my energy. One day he was brave enough to bring this to my attention. Our discussion made sense to me as I held a deep desire to hold intentional space for my family.

Looking back through the years, I understood what my friends observed. They would tell me that when I got clear about something, nothing could stop me from having it. When I was younger, I remember people telling me I was like a steamroller and they best get out of my way when I was going after something. No longer the steamroller, was it possible I was still strong energetically?

Assuming that was true, I tried something. In addition to my letting go process, (which I’ll blog about at another time), I created a process where I called my energy back from places, projects and people.

It worked! To my surprise, I began feeling more full and energized in my body. The more of my energy I called back, the more returned back to me.

Get Your Energy Back

Today I offer this process to you. Here’s how you do it:

  1.  Imagine that you are standing in the middle of an area
  2.  Imagine each item, (project, person, object), around you
  3. Gaze at each item one by one and as you do, call back your energy from it
  4. Do it for as many times necessary until you feel lighter and/or more centered in your body

The first day I performed this process my husband noticed right away when he got home. I didn’t even tell him. He smiled at me and said, “Thank you.” He later told me he could tell the difference in the house. He also said I looked and felt more relaxed and at peace.

So if you are feeling depleted or if others are trying to get a break from you, ask yourself, “Where’s My Energy?”

Have you spread yourself too thin? If so, get your energy back.

Where's my energy?

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