Is your Creativity Blocked? 3 Ways to Get it Back

You know how good it feels when an idea seems to flow effortlessly from you? It is a really good feeling, right? I love the days I look up and can’t believe I’ve spent 4-5 hours “in the zone” or creative flow. I feel accomplished and light and free. I am always amazed at what I have produced in such a short amount of time.Fish Flow

But these days aren’t the norm for me and for the most part, I don’t know when or how they are going to happen. I am pretty lucky, though. I have an office in my home and quick access to nature, both onsite and off site. So if I ever need inspiration, a walk is normally a good option and it helps me get the creative juices flowing.

Using my “nature to get into creativity process” was disrupted this past winter though. It was a bit colder and wetter than usual so I didn’t get outside very much. And even though Spring has arrived and the temperatures are mild, the wet weather has made allergies flare up in some big ways.  While I don’t normally have allergies, pollination has been so off the charts that I’ve had to watch my step, literally.

RollingwoodIt’s been hard because even though the weather is gorgeous, I’ve had to stay inside more than I’d like. This is a real shame because one of the best ways for me to start my creative engine is walking in nature. I love finding unique looking rocks and sitting near water and inspiration seems to come as I study the patterns in nature.

This challenge has offered me a gift, though. I’ve had to be more creative about igniting creativity. LOL. I’ve had to find other ways to get the juices flowing. It has been a great experiment and I found several ways to jumpstart my engine. So now I have more than one way to get into the flow. And we all know having options is great.

So I thought I’d share the results of my experiment with you so that if you ever feel blocked creatively, you will have lots of ways to get your creative flow back.

My top choices for getting back into the creative flow are:

  1. Dance to a new song. Find a new song, something you wouldn’t typically choose. Choosing a song that it is not a normal choice for you helps you get out of your linear processes and into your body. Your brain is focused on finding the the rhythm while you contemplate how to move your body.
  2. Draw or paint something quickly. I am not an artist but getting a little acrylic paint and blank canvas out can really give me a boost. Just the act of moving the paintbrush across the canvas seems to activate my creative side. I like to free flow it and just paint “energy” or how I am feeling.
  3. Get your journal or a blank piece of paper, (or your computer), and write down how you are feeling. I learned a long time ago that how we feel is just as important as what we think when it comes to creating or manifesting. So if I am really blocked, sitting down and writing how I feel seems to get my emotions flowing and before I know it I am writing a blog post, creating marketing materials , writing a book, or creating a new workshop.

Ta-da! I hope you find this information helpful. Happy creating to all of you! – Janis

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