Personal and Professional Intuition Coaching

Do you live part of your life at spiritual workshops and the other in the daily grind? Do you feel you live a double life, one spiritual and one “day to day”? Does your heart yearn to speak its truth? My clients call me the “Practical Spirituality Guru” and the “Grounder” because I believe it is imperative we integrate our spiritual selves into daily life. Everything we experience and everything we do is spiritual work and our intuition needs us to be grounded in our body to integrate our life’s experience. These sessions are used to help you merge your talented, intuitive self with your daily responsible self.

Sacred Psychic Surgery

What is sacred psychic surgery? While I use my intuition and hands to guide me, sacred surgery is an active participation between me and the client and their body. It is beyond a typical healing session because I am actively holding a ceremony in celebration of the sacred self within the client, inviting it to emerge. The focus is around connecting the client back to their inner wisdom through their body through high focus moments. The client learns how to listen to and direct the body to heal. As the mind participates in active communication with the body, healing and insight that was once hidden from the client is revealed. For more information, click here.

Remote Energy Tuning Session

This remote healing work can be done via phone or Skype. The client and I will meet at their “session altar”, a temporary, mini altar I personalize prior to the session. You can expect similar results and experiences as the in person sacred psychic surgery sessions, including life experience integration, intuition tuning and healing work. For more information, go to remote healing sessions.

Personalized Meditations

Need a little help with your meditation practice? Having trouble sleeping or focusing? Don’t just buy an off the shelf, meditation or hypnosis induction that might work. I can personalize your meditation so it is effective and personalized to you. Why is having one personalized important? We all have our own language sets, i.e. words, imagery and metaphors that describe our inner world. In obtaining your unique experience of the problem allows me to record a meditation that “feels” right and is understood by your subconscious mind as “yours”, meaning it integrates more deeply within you. Average length of a meditation is about 20-25 minutes. Shorter meditations can be recorded for the busy meditator on the go. 🙂 To have your personalized meditation made, schedule here. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.