Four Presuppositions of Relationship Energy

Love Collage by J. Underwood

How happy are you in your relationships? I’ve seen a lot of suffering already this year and it is only January. People are tired of not being able to speak their truth. They are tired of holding back and putting themselves last. Relationships can be some of the most rewarding and fulfilling pieces of our spiritual work. They can also be some of the most painful experiences in our lives.

It is so hard for me to watch people go through push-pull energies in their love relationships. What once brought them joy and fulfillment brings them pain. And letting go, oh, letting go! It is so hard to, have you done enough? When do you know it is time to leave? How do you know when you’ve done all you can?

Since most of my clients feel a strong pull to spirituality, it can be hard for them to know when their soul contracts are done. This is where looking at relationships from a different vantage point, from an energetic viewpoint can help them find peace.

The Most Loving Thing

I want to offer this to you today: sometimes the most loving thing we can do in relationship is let go. But knowing when to let go is challenging. I have a soul contract with this person, I can’t give up on them! How do I know I’m done? What if I leave this job and can’t get another one? What if I leave too soon and miss my window? I know, I get it. But what if staying with them is doing more harm than good?

By taking a step back and seeing your life from a higher vantage point, from an energetic point of view, you will know easily when the relationship is over. You can feel it.  

So to help you get started on some self reflection, I am giving you three of my relationship presuppositions. They will help you develop a new vantage point. Before you read them, bring to mind a troublesome relationship. Get into the feeling of the relationship and if you can, notice any thoughts that come to mind.

Four Presuppositions of Relationship Energy

Now read these presuppositions below and notice how you feel or what you think about the relationship after. Do you have a new understanding of it? What do you notice about the energy of the relationship? Can you feel the relationship? Where do you feel it? Notice any thoughts that come to mind and write them down.

  • We are in energetic relationship with everything in our life, including information.
  • The health of our relationships reflects the quality of our own energy expression and how others feel us.
  • Each relationship we create has its own unique energetic signature. It is important to adjust the energy within our relationships so they do not become stale or unhealthy.
  • We are energy movers (and shakers).

My wish for you this year is to experience more love in your life. To find out more about relationship energetics, click here.

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