What is your background? My early career revolved around customer service and technology. I have a degree in electrical engineering and as an engineer I spent most of my time dealing with the “people part” of compliance and cyber security programs, because no one else wanted to. LOL My healing crisis began (again) in 2008 and that is when I was guided to take a more active role in helping people resolve their challenges. In 2010 I started a part time coaching practice while still working full time as an engineer. During this time I graduated from Tom Best’s NLP Master Practitioner training and began using the processes I learned in both environments. I also taught NLP and hypnosis techniques to various meetup and career groups and ran the ANLP Hypnosis meetup.

I received a Reiki attunement in 2011 that connected me back to the natural ability I have to heal people using my hands and intent. Through several strange circumstances, I was guided to certify in hypnosis and obtain my Past Life Regression Therapy certification with Dr. Coletta Long, PhD. In 2014 I became an ordained minister, declaring my commitment to supporting spiritual growth in others with compassion. I was in the throws of a deep emotional healing crisis that turned my world inside out and had to learn self love. And just as I was rebuilding both my personal life and practice from a more intentional space, I found myself unexpectedly participating in my maternal GrandFather’s death process. This profound experience with his transition, recounted in the podcast, Dying with Grandpa, guided me to perform my work with more intention and ceremony. This awareness, what I call a gift, seemed to activate a deep knowing within me that there is no time, at least as we know it. Old knowledge came back to me and I began using sacred psychic surgery as my primary mode of healing with clients. I was amazed at the shifts they made physically and energetically as a result.

Releasing Cellular DensityWhat is a session like? Because I work under the premise that each individual is a sacred and unique part of the whole and already has all the resources they need survive and thrive, no two sessions are alike. I tell people to expect to actively participate in our time together and be as open as possible to the guidance they receive. These sessions are performed in conjunction with the whole system, which deepens the client’s own intuitive nature. What people comment on most is the quality of the energy they receive, physical lightness and the intuitive insights that occur during the session. You can expect to be cared for and gently guided back to your truth. The main reason I do this, however, is to help people become fully integrated at all levels spiritually.

Here’s what clients say:

  • Safe environment that puts me at ease
  • Surprisingly engaging; not cerebral and not casual
  • Intensely engaging and very professional without being cold and clinical
  • Soul and personality integration through emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies
  • Removal of physical and emotional blocks, awareness of energy from all time and space
  • Gentle and yet deeply profound
  • Other worldly energy used for healing and channeling energy (blocks) out of the body; maybe like quantum energy or other dimensional energy very different than other energy work we are used to. Very healing and transformative experience
  • When energy is released, people feel lighter, more grounded and integrated

Why do people have these sessions? I typically work with people who have long-standing emotional and physical issues. Note: this work is in no way a substitute for medical attention. Most of my clients have tried numerous techniques without resolution and have a high level of commitment to self-growth and healing. On the emotional side, most people come to me for fear, anxiety, financial stress, and self-worth issues. Physical ailments are usually chronic and include back and neck issues, digestive issues and hypersensitivities. I attract many individuals with ADD, ADHD and chronic anxiety. Some people also report having low energy and feeling spacey before the session and feel more grounded in their body and surroundings after the session.

Who has these sessions? Most of my clients are highly spiritual and have come to me with a long history of self-growth work. Many of my clients in recent months have discovered they are light-workers and have come to seek answers in addition to learning how to co-create in their life. Practitioners and peers come to me to release stubborn issues that have been hard for them to heal and to integrate their gifts or to connect more deeply to their psychic or intuitive abilities. Others are new to their spiritual path and come to me because of a chronic physical issue that is trying to get their attention. I’ve also worked with some of my clients’ children to help them release past trauma, fear and anxiety.

Do you work with children?  I do work with children. Most of these referrals come from clients who have already worked with me. I typically work with males between the ages of 11 and 24. I have three boys of my own, one with ADHD, and I think this is why I am a trusted resource to this group.

How many sessions will I need? People can have one or multiple sessions with me, depending on their issue(s). I have packages available that include the deep healing sacred surgery session and “lighter” mini sessions for increased level of clarity and fine-tuning. Most people, on average, have three sessions with me. After meeting with an individual I know more about the structure of the problem, which helps me guide the work further.

Clients that work with me for longer periods of time usually find themselves moving into a new line of work (or life purpose) and visibility which involves being of service to others. These clients continue on with me to fine tune their gifts and learn how to manifest physical things using the heart and sacred technologies, much like a mentor/protege relationship. Years in this type of work has led me to develop workshop content around altars and ceremony, intuition, death and grounded spiritual living.

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