The Secret to Making Changes Last

Did you know change has to move through several neurological levels within us in order to become a part of us?

Did you know that making change last has nothing to do with being capable?

It’s true. Most people focus on capabilities when they think about making a change. They think they need the right tools. This keeps them stuck and confused. But this doesn’t have to happen. I believe everyone is capable of making a change. We already have all we need to make a desired change. Most changes are hard simply because we don’t know the strategies we have are deeply practiced. They reside at levels of neurology we don’t have access to.

How About Those Strategies

You already have strategies for getting what you want. Now, they may not be giving you the results you want but there is good news: everyone is born with a natural capability to change their strategies. Often times we need to update a strategy because it was built for a time in our life that has passed. And by updating these strategies, we give ourselves more of what we want.

To make change, you need to know what your strategies are and at what level they were created. Most of our strategies were built in the belief or identity level and we don’t even know it. This, my friends, is why change can be so hard. We are simply unaware of our strategies and we don’t know at which level to start changing. It’s hard for us to identify where to start because there are many different neurological levels. And all of them are good places to start.

Finding Positive Intentions of Old Strategies

Let’s take a money strategy you might have created when you were 19.  You make more money by way of who you think you are in the world, so you built this strategy based on who you think you are at 19. This is your identity level. So when your identity changes, say you are 30 now, and you have just lost your job or you’ve changed careers, AND you’ve brought your old strategy with you. This strategy may or may not work and what seems to be self sabotage in your new position is merely a misaligned strategy that’s misaligned to your new identity.

Get the picture? By now you can probably see that finding the right neurological level can be hard which is why many successful change techniques start by using the subconscious. It is in the subconscious we find the programming that’s running our current strategies. Accessing the subconscious is one of the best ways to access belief and identity levels. This is why techniques like hypnosis, Sacred Psychic Surgery, Psych-K, and Theta Healing can be helpful. These techniques help identify strategies without the conscious mind’s “help”, making change easier.

Lasting Change and Neurological Levels

So if you are feeling stuck right now know that making a change is a complex process but knowing the right level to address can make it easier. Here’s a list of some of the neurological levels and what you might say to yourself when you are in one:

  • Identity: I feel that I am …
  • Beliefs: I believe I am …
  • Spirit: I feel I have a purpose to …

Now you know a bit of how I help people make lasting change in less time. I hope this helps you identify where you are stuck. In my next entry I will share ways to identify a strategy so you can make lasting changes in your life.

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