Client Raves

Getting Myself Back. I let myself get lost. My intuition and my dreams led me to know a most certain way out was the way I involuntarily went in. I knew my subconscious mind was manipulated, and I knew the fastest way out was to go in myself with the help of someone who knows what they are doing in a healthy helpful way. Janis helped me immensely. My life changed immediately after the first visit. Great sleep, less fear, more getting in touch with a part of me I lost. My goal, get myself back. Overcome fear. Get back to living my life. Exercise, and at some point be and feel healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. In 6 weeks I felt alive again, in 10 weeks I had achieved letting go of my self defeating allowances. I feel strong. I am way ahead of where I was before I got so knocked out of the game last year. Janis is an incredible guide, teacher, healer and confidant. I am glad our paths have crossed. I recommend her services to anyone interested in finding and working on themselves. – B.F., Austin, Texas

Gifted Healer To date, I’ve had three sessions of psychic surgery with Janis– each unique and powerful. I came in with a long laundry list of  physical and emotional concerns. She was able to access places in my body that had been housing toxic emotions and events, and began the process of removing them. At times, my body responded overtly to the healing energy. At other times, the healing was subtle, but I left each appointment knowing some deep good had begun to happen and continued to work within me long after the session was over.  Janis is so knowledgeable, sensitive and has such a generous, pure heart.  She is a gifted healer. – L.C., Austin, Texas

Money Flow The presenting issue that I came in with was money problems. I am self-employed and have taken a pretty severe financial hit in the last two years for seemingly inexplicable reasons, so I wanted to address that.  After meeting Janis, I felt very comfortable. She has a kind energy about her that makes her very easy to open up to and feel safe with, so that made the process very comfortable.

It’s difficult to describe the experience of working with Janis because it’s based on intangibles, but I would say that I feel like simply being in her presence helps me to connect with my spirit guides and higher self in ways that I have never been able to before.  I know that this sounds corny, but I feel like my third eye has gotten a prescription lens and now I can really see things clearly!

Over the years, I have visited many psychics, but it has always felt like they were just telling me a story about my life and I wasn’t really a part of the process. While working with Janis, I have been able to access my past lives and experience them physically and emotionally, which is truly an amazing experience.  I have also been able to actually visualize my guides and connect with them in a more meaningful way; I am seeing that connection more and more in my daily life and feeling more in control of my destiny.

The experience of psychic surgery has been a profound one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to understand themselves better and connect with their spiritual life. I always leave Janis feeling very relieved and positive, like I have a plan to move forward with and a sense of control about my future.  Money is also coming in more consistently and I feel really relieved about that too! – Laura L., Austin, Texas

Like Nothing I’ve Tried My session with Janis was different from anything I’ve tried before. I was feeling stuck and held back emotionally and energetically. I had residual pain from several injuries and falls. Janis was able to locate the primary ones, unravel the blockage and get it to move and release.

I slept through the night and woke up fully rested. The day after my session I took a long walk…I felt I was 50 pounds lighter! I was able to move effortlessly and the old injuries in my low back and upper arm and shoulder were both gone! My head was clear and I felt very positive and the most optimistic I’ve felt in a very long time. Janis gave me some functional ways to ground myself yet still remain open to attract the type of energy in all areas in my life that is best for me. I highly recommend Janis’ work! Try a session and that will tell you a great deal! – Jeanne, Austin, Texas

Energy Blocks Lifted! I was unprepared for the scope of effectiveness of Janis’s work, which cleared two major energy blocks, and allowed me a unique healing focus for my meditation practice. I left the session with a quality of energy that I have not had for some time, and it has persisted, adding considerable ease to my daily routine. I can highly recommend Janis. Her background in a multiple of disciplines contributes to her ability to pinpoint areas of concern, and to develop a targeted treatment plan. – Laura L., Austin, Texas

Breathing Easier I have slouched and slumped my whole life, but now that I’m in my sixties (yikes!), it was starting to become a painful problem…Janis very calmly and confidently got right to work..later I realized that it was the end of the day and my back should have been hurting by then, but it didn’t. In fact not only was I not in pain, I was standing up straight! That was months ago, and I am still standing and sitting normally, and pain free. Thank you, Janis!!! -Lauren C., Austin, Texas

Life Changing!
Janis has really helped me to deal with several blocks I had for a long time. Because of her, I’m on my way to healing from past negative experiences and manifesting more effectively the future I truly want, in all areas of my life, from career, to financial to my interpersonal relationships. Thanks again Janis! – K.W., Austin, Texas

Jaw Pain Relief
Janis, most of my jaw pain was gone after our session, so that was a huge help to me!  I definitely felt the energy and healing in my body during the session.  It felt so gentle and yet deep and profound.  I am still noticing some other positive changes that seem to still be unfolding.  I’m going to share with others how beneficial your psychic surgery sessions are so other’s know about it.
Love & Blessings, Anita L., Austin, Texas

Great Experience
have seen Janis off and on through the years, but recently had the pleasure of experiencing one of her newest techniques. It was like nothing I have had done before. She literally removed physical and emotional blocks from my mind and body. I left feeling lighter, and free. I am able to move forwards now with focus and freedom of past traumas and feelings. I suggest her to help you reach your goals too! Thank you Janis! -Tenesha, Austin, Texas

 In Amazement. Hey Janis,  I’ve been feeling great since our last session!  Every day, I’ve awoken with a smile and forming a scowl feels absolutely ridiculous. Recently, a coworker asked if I had been drinking and later if I’d been seeing a new woman…The biggest thing I notice is my lack of apprehension. People, objects, and events are now seen as Potential with a capital ‘p’.  This is very exciting…I imagined myself as the instructor, and wondered what I would teach as I’m scrawling on that dry erase board. -E.J., Austin, Texas

Money Flow
recommend working with Janis…she has helped me tremendously with my productivity and business development.  Janis helped me uncover some inner blocks and was able to create a custom hypnosis program that cleared a major block.  I highly recommend Janis and will use her again. – N. Stokes, Austin, Texas