Ceremony with Grandpa

On October 13, 2014 I joined my family (from afar) in honoring my GrandFather, Memo, who passed from this physical world.  I had no idea he was about to give me a powerful gift as I traveled home to El Paso at the end of September. When I heard he had only about two weeks to live I knew I had to go to him…and fast. And while I knew there wasn’t much for me to do, being with him in the early stages of transition was time I will cherish for the rest of my life. His death has changed the course of my life forever.

"I am the serpent that's been let out of the box...basking on the mountains in the sun..."

“I am the serpent that’s been let out of the box…basking on the mountains in the sun…”

I arrived in El Paso on a Thursday afternoon and after a short ride from the airport, I found my grandfather sleepy and in a lot of physical pain. He seemed to perk up a bit when he saw me – and for a few moments I saw him as I always knew him – filled with life and love. I spent almost three days with him. In those three days I sat with him and talked to him. I held his hands for brief moments. I laughed. I sent him psychic messages and healing energy. But mostly, as there was nothing I could do for him, I simply witnessed his painful transition from a state of sickness to dying.

He was mostly quiet and very graceful. I felt so helpless. I offered him love and positive energy from the seat beside him and I told him over and over in my mind, “I love you.” He kept me laughing as he complained about not being able to do yard work and other chores. Always a hard worker, I can only imagine how hard it was for him to sit day in and day out just waiting to die.

One day I couldn’t bare his pain and, against my mind’s better judgment, (since I’ve always been the odd ball in my family) I did energy work on him. He seemed to feel a bit better and I enjoyed his feisty spirit for the rest of the evening. He made me laugh and I really enjoyed hearing his life stories for the upteenth time. Before I left his side to return home, I told him I loved him and that he was the best grandfather. He said, “I love you, too.” and “yeah.”

Once home, I was directed to create an altar for him.  His altar was equipped with his favorite things: honey, Werthers candies, and whiskey and I added magnolia flowers, yellow roses and candles. And from that day forward, I sat in ceremony with him every day, up to two or 3 times a day until he passed.

Ceremonial Altar where I sat with Grandpa every day.

Ceremonial Altar where I sat with Grandpa every day.

Once he passed, he asked me (through a medium) to continue sitting in ceremony with his physical body for four more days. It was important to tend to it as a scared animal or plant in addition to honoring his 4 incarnations. Not knowing what to do for the body, I promised to sit in ceremony for four more days. He thanked me for my work up until his transition and told me I really helped him. Later I learned my daily sits with him were helping him release the energetic cords as he transitioned.

This was the first time I sat with a dying person from afar. And while it was nothing I knew how to do, somehow my connection or contract with my grandfather led me to do work that I can only describe or understand as miraculous. The experience has been life changing for me. For years I used my skills to help people heal – but never to ease someone through the death process. I learned in those moments of quiet ceremony, about the sacred intuitive self and the power of intention. I also learned about living in sacred ceremony – every day. And I know now that distance is not an obstacle when we love someone; we truly are connected at multiple levels. And love is power.

What a gift and what an honor to help this warrior during his transition to the other side.

This ceremony was done the day before he passed. I felt it was time to do a big clearing on his body.

This ceremony was done the day before he passed. I felt it was time to do a big clearing on his body.

I offer him great gratitude and much love from my heart today as I write this in memory of him. Thank you, GrandFather, for your wisdom, courage and strength. You were strong like the mountains and I still feel your quiet strength with me now.

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