Are You “Top-Heavy?”

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A big part of my work involves rescuing my clients from their over-active mind. What I’ve found over the years is that people are so disconnected from the heart center. They don’t know how it works and they are stuck in their head. And the head is creating a lot of trouble for them because no matter how much the head “knows” the heart knows better. My work has given me a profound insight: the heart is the gateway to the higher realms. It is our frequency “tuner”, so to speak. It is how we broadcast our signal and how others find us.

Activate your Sacred Heart

Activate your Sacred Heart

During my pilgrimage to Chichen Itza after my grandfather’s death, I found myself in awe of the heart and its role in ancient civilizations.   Many of the Mayan and Toltec glyphs on the walls featured the heart and energy. Some of the most profound and well preserved glyphs featured a giant eagle holding the heart. When you see one of these walls in person, it can be a bit unsettling. Especially the glyphs derived from the Toltec energy (more warrior-like). There is an unsettled feeling as you see the heart resting within the strong talons of the eagle. And once you get past the initial shock, you wonder. You wonder: what does the eagle do with the heart? Where does it go with it? Why the heart and not the head?

In a search for some answers I revisited the well known prophecy of the eagle and the condor. It has much to say about the merging of the Eastern and the Western worlds (the mind and the heart). And as we all work to declare “we are here” and we are wanting more, this prophecy can serve to inspire us to a new way of balance in our modern world. A way of being that no longer succumbs to the pull of linear time. A way of being that allows nonlinear creation to channel itself for expression into the physical world (through us). A way of being where we feel connected and whole; where we no longer struggle with the old programming in our mind because we KNOW better.

So often I watch the mental structures pull people back into feeling disconnected and confused in life. The only shortcut out of the suffering this causes, (because everyone likes shortcuts!) is through the heart. The heart is our salvation. The heart is the point where we can feel, no we FEEL our connection to other (people, places, work). And this is where we create the most satisfying relationships and expressions of creation.

The mind will tell you otherwise, but don’t listen. It can only imagine or think about compassion and connection. It can only think about how to feel energy or restore energy balance. But the heart knows. The heart is our portal, our connection point to the sacredness of life. We are sacred. And our heart knows this and connects us to our “real” selves (and our intuition). I’ve seen it happen over and over again. It is real.

Will you trust your heart to guide you? Or will you continue to let your mind run the show?

Are you top-heavy? It’s time to move your energy down and explore what’s in your sacred heart.

If you are ready to tune into your sacred heart, I am here to help you. So many of my sacred surgery sessions have included what I call “heart activation.” I help the client remove the armor plate or barrier from their heart center and then activate the energy of the heart through vibration and ceremony, its very much like a shamanic coming out party for the heart.

Afterwards, people report feeling more at peace, lighter and having more connection to their intuition.

I beg you to stop wasting any more time. It’s time to move from “mind over matter” thinking to “heart and mind” being. Here’s how:

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Live from the Heart Time!

Live from the Heart Time!


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